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Why Choose MitriDAT as Your Offshore IT Outsourcing Partner?

With almost 10 years experience, MitriDAT is a leading provider of IT outsourcing and software development services with specialization in Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for companies around the globe.

Our track record is as extensive as it is impressive because our entire team is dedicated to improving the individual company prospects by giving it a distinct advantage over the competition.

Cost savings

Because of the living costs, various insurance premiums, taxes etc. cost of development is much higher in developed countries. As MitriDAT is in the developing country we always can offer high quality IT services and significant cost advantages with potential savings of 50-60% without having to compromise on quality or long-term reliability. Lern more about our cost-effective rates.

Strong reputation

We are driven by the values that have proven to be efficient, care about our reputation – and finally we are recognized for the quality and inventiveness.

Professional and experienced team

Any person takes pleasure in working with professionals. You have found a team of highly motivated IT professionals. During the time we had to grow and hone our skills we learned that any development project success depends on the mutual understanding between the client and the contractor. We really do listen and comprehend, discuss and set the goals, plan the development process and stick to the plan.

Interaction design that matters

We’re more than code junkies. We’re a company that cares how a product works and what it says to its users. There is no reason why your custom software should be difficult to understand or confusing to use. We’re finding innovative ways to integrate great design into great software and to learn along with you what your software wants to be.

Impressive results for your unique business

We have a reputation for process genius, fanatical testing, high quality, and software joy. Whatever your business, our methods will work well in your field.

An Agile process to meet needs you didn’t know you had

Your project will change as it develops. We embrace that change. Our process is based on Agile Methodologies and delivers great software through short development iterations (1 or 2 weeks in length). You prioritize each iteration’s features. Then, we build, test, and deliver incremental releases of the final product. This minimizes your financial and project risk and will cause you to fall madly in love with us.

Quick time to market

We understand that the businesses have small window of opportunities which they need to grab to stay ahead of competition. At MitriDAT, we minimize time to market by using highly efficient tools, proven architecture and design patterns, pre-built software, proven best practices and experience.

Maximizing reusable software development

While most of our competitors don’t pay much attention to reusability of software, we believe focus on reusable software is a major differentiator for a software development company. With years of experience in requirements analysis and long term maintenance of applications, we have an eye for spotting potential for creating reusable software.

Continuous grow in skills and knowledge

We strive for improvement of the techniques, extension of the tools and technology list that is being utilized, we develop new strategies to satisfy the customers and build strong ties.

Work with heart and balance

We gain satisfaction from all we do, beginning with redevelopment and upgrading somebody else’s work to perfection, and finishing with the sophisticated systems creation, with the unique business logic and outstanding results. Here in MitriDAT we really love what we do and once you drop us a line, whether request a proposal, or just ask for additional fact – we guarantee you are going to be treated professionally by professionals.

Did you have a chance to check our wow service offerings? Otherwise we are eager to contact you back with the Solution.

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