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Case Study: txtTel Communications

Industry: Oil and Gas
Description: Software solution to explore and predict oil locations based on historical statistical data with the use of neural networks.


The client had an outstanding idea to develop revolutionary software intended for oil producing companies. The basic purpose of the software was to explore oil fields and predict their locations. The client came up with the idea and needed our consultancy as to approaches to realization of his idea. MitriDAT’s challenge was to investigate the possibilities and advise on the best approach to develop the software and design primary system architecture.


MitriDAT’s consultants performed thorough research of the ways to develop such software and development tools. The task was really challenging, but they found the optimal technology to be employed which was based on extensive utilization of neural networks. As a result the client was provided with description of the solution and primary system architecture and was able to proceed to further steps in launching the project.