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Case Study: P.M. Marketing

Industry: Internet Marketing
Description: Ecommerce solution to provide sales leads to customers online.


Develop and deploy an e-commerce application providing sales leads based on a number of criteria to registered customers. Initially, the client needed to allow users to select and purchase records on-line. In addition, a large array of information comprising leads and kept on file needed to be organized and managed by the business team. The task included setting up flexible categories, complex pricing model, individual field and record access permissions, multi-level system administration access, duplicate records and unique order content tracking, etc.


MitriDAT developed a custom application based on MySQL database. PHP web programming language was used to create the back-end. The database optimization allowed to reach fast and effective processing of all queries and boosted the overall database performance. At the same time the utilization of open source technologies allowed to decrease the project cost.


Upon completion the client was presented with a system that has custom yet unique functionality. It was seamlessly integrated into all business processes that increased overall performance dramatically.

P. M. Marketing enjoyed great success upon deployment. Their clientele keeps on growing every month due to convenience and effectiveness offered by the system.