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Case Study: Mail Stimulator

Industry: Internet Marketing
Description: Complex email marketing solution, to manage and track massive email marketing campaigns.

“Having worked with web designers and programmers for over 7 years I have had many experiences. MitriDAT not only brought the project in on time, they brought it in looking very professional. Their prices are more than reasonable and their work product is excellent. MitriDAT delivers the goods!”
- Fred Nelsen, Network Marketing Industry, USA


The aim was to develop a comprehensive application to manage every aspect of massive e-mail campaigns. The client also needed to be able to search for new leads online and have a secure web-based access to the system back-end. A very important requirement was set to the back office itself: it had to be simple in use and user-friendly so that users did not require special technical knowledge to operate it.


A sophisticated database driven software was developed to encompass client’s planning, scheduling, execution, tracking, and statistics of the mailings. The list of major features of the application is provided below:

  • User registration system
  • Category and list management
  • Import of mailing list from a text file
  • On-line lead generation
  • Mail signature, template and attachment management
  • Project wizard
  • Project scheduling
  • Response tracking, statistics and reporting
  • Automated subscribe/unsubscribe options
  • Secure web-based control panel


The system was successfully launched and has been experiencing a heavy load ever since without any troubles. The solution turned out to be not only reliable and timely, but also cost-effective, allowing the customer to spend additional resources on their core competencies.