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Case Study: i4Management

Industry: Business Management and Consulting
Description: Web-based solution for online marketing research.


Enhance and support multifunctional software which currently provides users with the ability to conduct detailed marketing researches from the Internet. Through the web based interface the system users should be able to obtain statistics about the marketing and advertisement campaigns launched on the web, process the data and sort it in the layout best fitting the purpose of data collection.


MitriDAT presented a solution with the following functionality:

  • Tracking (sales/leads, site traffic/user online behavior)
  • Form processing
  • Automatic mailing according to a schedule that is set and may be changed
  • Calculation of advertising efficiency (ROI calculation in several different ways)
  • Several types of reporting for better situation display
  • Standard and additional database functionality

Technologies used: PHP/Perl programming, MySQL.


The system user is able to not only track the advertising campaign but also to formulate it and change strategy based on automatically generated list of keywords that are typed by the visitors while on the certain website. This also allows keep the information presented on the website constantly upgraded to anticipate the visitors’ expectations. Form processing and information collection mechanisms guarantee formation of a database of the customers with dedicated requests for defined product/service.