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MitriDAT Invests in R&D to Offer More Value to Customers

MitriDAT, the leading Ukrainian offshore software development service provider is bringing together cutting-edge scientific know-how with an industrial approach to software manufacturing. This combination melded with robust methodology, gives MitriDAT the capability to provide its customers with added value and guarantees that the most complex problems will be solved.

MitriDAT’s investment in Research and Development (R&D) will serve as the foundation for innovative software products and solutions.

Ukraine, with its combination of the world’s best scientists, educational system, innovative ideas, and historical traditions of high-tech research, guarantees MitriDAT’s future growth. Within its R&D initiative MitriDAT has already established a relationship with Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and other well-known scientific organizations.

“While R&D currently is not seen as a typical area of expertise for most offshore software development companies, we strongly believe that our investments will help our customers be innovative and competitive. Through these efforts we are trying to ‘light the way’ and deliver more than just lower development costs”, said Gregory Koldirkaev, President and CEO, MitriDAT.

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