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MitriDAT Reaffirms its Commitment to Excellence through the Enhanced Agile Development Specialization

MitriDAT, Ukraine’s leading provider of IT outsourcing and web 2.0 development services and solutions, announced today that all project managers in its Kiev development center, have completed certification as a ScrumMaster to manage Agile projects in SCRUM methodology. Certification for Agile is new, but is gaining traction as the use of Agile methodology expands, according to industry analysts.

“The success with Agile starts with really great people and that means the engineers and others in MitriDAT,” said Edward Hardin, CTO, WebSite-Scripts. WebSite-Scripts is one of many long-term clients benefiting from MitriDAT commitment to training, and to Agile in particular.

In Ukraine and Eastern Europe, MitriDAT is a pioneer in Agile methodology, an increasingly popular approach that relies on iterative, incremental work of self-organized and self-managed teams for faster, more collaborative software development, as much as two times more productive than traditional, document-heavy predictive processes. In a report on Agile and outsourcing, Forrester Research predicted improved customer satisfaction, not just cost savings.

MitriDAT’s form of Agile draws from several process schemes, employs proven practices for offshore and distributed development and has been successfully deployed for a number of its product clients, such as WebSite-Scripts. While not appropriate for every client project, MitriDAT has provided tremendous value in reducing time-to-market through iterative development, better utilization of manpower resources and skills, and ultimately a better product developed faster than by using traditional application development methods. For example, MitriDAT has been able to find and fix product and process issues early, reducing defects and the associated costs and delays.

“The most important thing about mastering Agile is to be able to set up truly collaborative environment for customer and project team. This is especially significant for successful offshore development. Because it is still a relatively new approach, getting certified provides MitriDAT clients with an additional confidence that we can deliver software that has customer-focused features and fewer defects in a shorter time frame,” said Igor Dobritskiy, Chief Technical Officer of MitriDAT.

Writing in Dr. Dobbs Portal, focused on software development, Scott Ambler, author of Agile Database Techniques, observed, “I believe that certification is an important part of the overall picture, and that it’s something that every developer should consider.”

“The Agile methodology is increasingly important to our product clients, who need to reduce development time while focusing on features that customers actually need. This certification and our Agile Excellence Center show our commitment to this approach, to serving our clients and to ensuring we are using the best processes,” said Gregory Koldirkaev, President and CEO, MitriDAT.

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